See .. The appearance of three-eyed creatures from prehistoric times

See .. The appearance of three-eyed creatures from prehistoric times

Hundreds of strange creatures resembling prehistoric creatures appeared in the desert in the American state of Arizona in a very strange phenomenon.

These strange creatures appeared after hatching their eggs in a lake made of rainwater. According to officials at a nearby monument who witnessed this unique phenomenon, the creatures appeared after the monsoon winds and rains in the area.

A three-eyed creature that has been hidden for decades

The frog-sized creature is “like a small cavalry crab with three eyes,” Lauren Carter, a commentator at the National Wopatki Monument, told LiveScience.

According to the University of Central Michigan, some confuse these unique creatures with what they call “trios”, which allow their eggs to remain stable in the desert for decades until they have enough rain to create good and suitable lakes, and are a haven for them to hatch and lay eggs for future generations.

“Dinosaur Shrimp”

In an article titled “Hundreds of Three-Eyed Dinosaur Shrimp Appear After the Monsoon in Arizona,” the scientific journal noted that the creatures’ appearance was so unusual that when tourists saw them, they wondered what life would be like without a rain-soaked temporary lake in a yard dedicated to celebrations in the Memorial Area.

Scientifically (dinosaur shrimp), these creatures are called dinosaur shrimp and take the shape of a circular structure surrounded by a small gear.

“After a rainy season at the end of July, we knew there was water on the football field, but we were expecting nothing to live in it,” Carter said. “Then a visitor came and said, ‘Hello, you have little frogs on your football field.’

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Rebuild “in a unique way”

Carter continued, “I took her hand and looked at her and said, ‘What is this? I didn’t know anything, but then it turned into” tropes “and then I had to look for it.”

These birds can live up to 90 days, as happened in the found shallow pond.

These three eyes usually mate through female and male reproduction, but in times of famine they have other means; Where these crustaceans have unique features, they are rarely hermaphrodites, meaning they have male and female genitals, and they can perform parthenogenesis, meaning that females can produce offspring from unfertilized eggs.

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