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See how to install and update to iOS 16 here (including public beta users).

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Apple released iOS 16 General users to update on 12th night, entering 13th September 2022 Thailand time. Let’s see how to update and how to do that which comes with many new features.

How to update to iOS 16

There are two methods to update to iOS 16: OTA software update and computer and Mac update.

Method 1: Update iOS 16 on device via OTA (Over the Air) without using computer.

Things to know before iOS 16 OTA update

  • High speed Wi-Fi is required. Internet must be strong
  • After updating, the data on the device will not be lost. But make a backup first.
  • You should have 3-5GB or more free space on your device. First you will be asked to delete apps or games that are taking up a lot of space.
  • While updating, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch batteries must be charged.

Steps to update iOS 16 OTA

Go to Settings > General > Software Update > touch Download & Install

Wait for your iPhone and iPod Touch to finish installing iOS 16 > Enter your Apple ID password and wait a few minutes for iCloud setup to complete.

Until the update fails if the internet is not strong enough. It can be updated via the iTunes app on a computer or Mac as follows.

Method 2: Updating iOS 16 via Computer and Mac

Things to know before updating iOS 16 via computer and Mac

  • The device must be connected to the computer using a USB Lightning charging cable.
  • In newer versions of macOS, the iTunes app is no longer available. This should be done through the Finder.
  • For Windows, iTunes is required. Download the latest version of iTunes.
  • There is enough space on the computer hard disk for updates.
  • An Internet connection with a computer should be 10 Mbps or higher, as the iOS IPSW firmware must be downloaded in a relatively large file size.
  • After updating, the data on the device will not be lost. But make a backup first.
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An example of updating iOS 16 on a Mac or older computers or Macs is through the iTunes app, which is similar.

iOS 16 updates via computer and Mac as usual

Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a lightning cable > Open Finder > Click the iPhone icon next to it > Wait for the system to check for updates, then click Update (Preview only. Because many people may not be able to update via computer)

Click Update.

Wait for the new iOS update system to complete.

* Possible problem faced while updating via PC and Mac is internet disconnection or sudden slowdown. This fails the iOS 16 IPSW download, so it may require manual installation using IPSW files.

Update iOS 16 via computer and install Mac using IPSW file

Download the iOS 16 IPSW file for the iPhone model we are using:

On a Mac, press Option on your keyboard (in Windows, press the Shift key on your keyboard) and then click Update or Check for Update.

  • Clicking Restore iPhone will wipe the device again, all data lost.
  • You should also turn off Find My iPhone on your iPhone.

Then select the downloaded iOS 16 IPSW file.

Click Install and wait for iOS 16 to finish installing.

Users can choose the update method they want. Generally, most of them use OTA updates because it is the easiest and most convenient. For those who want a complete and hassle-free installation, it’s also easy to download and update IPSW on your computer.

Once again, users should backup their data before updating. To prevent updates and data loss or iOS not working.

How to update to iOS 16 official version for iOS 16 public beta users?

First remove the test profile.

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Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.

Select the iOS 16 beta software profile > Tap Remove Profile and restart.

Then update to the official version of iOS 16 as usual.

By deleting the iOS 16 beta software profile from the device, we cannot re-update other iOS 16 beta versions.

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