Security guard drags a woman in Madhya Pradesh

Security guard drags a woman in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: When he was taken to the hospital, the security guard was brutally beaten. He was dragged into muddy water and taken to hospital. The fatal incident took place in Khargon district of Madhya Pradesh. Those who care for her are thirsty because there is no one like me. Related photos and videos went viral on social media.

A mentally ill woman has been admitted to a major hospital in Khargon district of Madhya Pradesh. Asked the doctors for treatment. However, the hospital staff refused to treat her as the details were not given accurately. She sat down at the gate as she did not hear how much Batimalina was. However, the local security guard told her to get out. He was furious that she did not go. He immediately grabbed her hand and pulled her out. They took a photo of the incident despite the mud there. Those photos are now outraged at his behavior. Hospital officials reportedly suspended the security guard following harsh criticism.

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