Secret Netflix codes: Find hidden movies and series

Secret Netflix codes: Find hidden movies and series

Are you looking for new movies and series on Netflix, but always getting the same categories as suggested? These secret codes are the solution to your streaming dilemma.

When you wake up

If you can not find more new content, it’s because of the Netflix algorithm. It suggests movie and series titles that most likely match your previous streaming character. But to get out of this bubble and find completely new and undiscovered categories, the following secret Netflix codes can help.

On Netflix, each category has its own code for all genres, including horror, comedy, action & company, which contains a set of numbers. You can use these codes to find thousands of streaming content that the algorithm never displays.

How to enter Netflix codes

Codes only work via the direct link in the browser. There is a simple diversion to the Netflix app and smart TV.

I Browser:

At, replace “XXX” with one of the number codes listed below and you will find the section you want. We have already created links to related views for you – click on the section and you will go directly to the website. To view content, you need to login to your Netflix account.


First enter the URL in the browser on your smartphone or tablet. If you have the Netflix app installed, open it in the desired section.

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On Smart TV:

Unfortunately, only a small detour will work here. First, go to the link you want with your browser on your PC or mobile phone, log in to Netflix, select a movie or series and tap the “+” sign to add it to your list. You can play the title directly on the smart TV.

Netflix codes at a glance

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