Second half of spring: The other side of the coin

Second half of spring: The other side of the coin

April 13, 2021 Tuesday 8:09 PM – This year, spring presents a sweet side. Temperatures There is also generous sunlight with warm temperatures. However, the second half of the spring calendar will show us a frosty side.

In short:

  • Spring in Quebec with a warm and sunny start;
  • The second half promises to be very different;
  • Spring will show its frozen side.

The best recipe

Quebec won the weather lottery. In fact, the first half of spring was particularly hot, the hottest of a dozen years. La Belle province ended on the right side of the barrier, allowing warm air from South America to move north of the border.

“Quebec’s hot springs, along with very sunny climates, are unusual in that they are the best of the two worlds, explains the region’s Uimet.


Two parts, two realities

As the first installment of the season draws to a close, the second looks completely different. In fact, it is necessary to cut the pear in half in relation to the temperature. Some areas have observed positive anomalies up to 5 to. According to current forecasts, the situation will be more favorable for the cool air descent in the province.

Spring 2

Special atmospheric background

This particular situation of atmospheric obstruction saw its effect. From early April onwards, Quebec will benefit from a reef in the Cretaceous climate, leading to the descent of cold air. Additionally, this configuration allows systems to rain frequently.

Spring 3

Less heat

The models predict that the temperature will drop, but they should still be normal. This second half of spring will no doubt be dominated by cold weather. The period from April 15 to May 7 can also lead to freezing episodes. Quebec had the best experience at 20 degrees Celsius for ten days or a month. By early May, this beautiful heat is unlikely to reappear.

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“The blockade situation known to Quebec has finally been lifted and the regional oyster continues. However, it is likely to be blocked again. This time it will be to our detriment.”


Everything will be in order

Spring should have a good end from May 7th. The temperature will rise again and will exceed 20 degrees Celsius. As there are more plants, this heat will be more condensed.


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