Seaweed hunting off the Atlantic coast of Ireland

Seaweed hunting off the Atlantic coast of Ireland

It is still too early to say whether it will be more or less in the near future Seaweed juices, bars, chips They will be common in our lists. Agnes Codignola, author of the book The fate of food (Feltrinelli, 2020), speaks of a very diverse universe. In most parts of the world – codignola explains – algae have long been used in food. Although there are tens of thousands of species, we still do not know them well and we use only a few. Of course in the future we should be open to a more varied diet including insects, jellyfish and algae. However, they have many advantages because they absorb a lot of CO2 and do not accumulate toxins or microplastics.

While waiting to see if well-grown seaweed will save us from starvation – the property of scientists – we can dedicate ourselves to an activity that is becoming a trend, the spread of algae in the wild. In any case, it would be like going to collect porcini mushrooms in a forest knowing that somewhere they grow champignons on batteries. Derinan, on the Irish Atlantic coast, is one of the most beautiful routes on the island. Kerry’s ring, John Fitzgerald and his wife Kerian have been involved with seafood for more than a decade, organizing workshops, tours and tasting courses under the brand. Atlantic Irish Seaweed. “On the excursion we call‘ seaweed, a delicious spin, ’although there are more than 500 species in Irish waters, we focus on the 16 most common edible species,” says John.

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You will learn how to do it while walking through the beaches Find, identify, and collect Algae responsibly. You can also enjoy the raw selection selected from a rock. “It was the food of the first inhabitants of the island and later of Christian monks and Viking invaders,” adds John, who is passionate about food history.

For this Irish lover, we were convinced that marine farms would help save the world (“You only need a mirror of the sea, humans do not need land and manure to feed them, to raise livestock, for pets”), and we are not the only ones facing a Not just a perfect example of pure food but also a superfood, Low in fat but rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega 3 and omega 6. At the end of the tour, you will learn how to use seaweed in powder form as a spice for a soup or stew. Drink in an ice cream. Behind the fifth Japanese flavor umami, especially Nigo but Maya finds no kelps. When we ask what is one of John’s favorite recipes, we hear sea spaghetti. L ‘Himantalia elongataSea spaghetti is a common seaweed that is rich in health benefits. The French call it Harricot Wert de la Mer, Green Sea Bean, and it’s delicious to serve cold as a salad, but it can also be used as a seasoning for any pasta dish

“Enough potatoes, and finally the Irish bring our island to the table with seaweed and mollusks.”

Sarah Scarpon

Moving from Derinan in County Waterford to Tramore, Marie Power is known Sea gardener, Organizes trips to the southeastern part of the island. She has a long experience with algae. The experience he collected in a book and the experience he describes in regular culinary workshops. And of course there is Excursions to the beaches Mari renamed it “Wildlife Walk”: Here too you learn to recognize edible algae and respect the environment of the rocks. The walk ends with a picnic by the sea with seafood dishes.

Another address for those who want to know more about this fascinating activity Wild Kitchen In Baran. It offers courses, workshops and trails related to the collection of edible algae and wild plants.

This is good, and fights aging: everyone is crazy about spirulina algae

Barbara Kanziano

One of the existing ones Best known restaurants Used by algae By the CA Mullagmore of Aitna, In County Sligo as the best seafood restaurant on the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2,500 km coastal road. Appreciating the freshly arrived seafood, crustaceans and lobsters from the harbor a few meters away, he uses seaweed in his delicious desserts. On sunny days you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the arrival and departure of surfers who have chosen Mulgmore as one of the best destinations in Europe.

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