Seabrey party in Llanfranchi with fans before and after the game against Leinster

Seabrey party in Llanfranchi with fans before and after the game against Leinster

A long third-half moment that begins even before kick-off of the match between Sebre and Leinster, which will accompany the Lanfranchi public until after the match.

Yet a beautifully designed offering for the growing community of the Sebre family, feeding the passion of the Italian movement and looking towards the very beginning of the championship.

On Saturday, September 17, Cebre, the Delinquents, loaned by the Oval Ball World, the Vinylistic Cultural Association, the well-known restaurant of Parma Bread and partner Amoretti CB D’Autore organized an event for the inauguration of the 2022/. 23 season at Lanfranchi.

In the first round of the United Rugby Championship, 2pm will see CC and co challenge the Irish in Leinster, while the Delinquents group will animate the proceedings at the Citadel of Rugby in Parma, entertaining fans before, during and after the match against the Dubliners.

Interviews with fans, half-time matches, games, musical entertainment and many other initiatives will shape the prestigious international rugby event, bringing all the warmth and uniqueness of the oval ball world into the Lanfranchi public experience.

In conjunction with the rugby match, the party will move to the synthetic behind the West Tribune for the inevitable third time of the Zebras athletes and DJ set station to animate the evening and the many stadium guests. .

Vinylistic, a cultural organization that supports and promotes the culture of DJing, will kindly offer musical background – Zebras’ unforgettable friend and colleague Leonardo Mussini was president and founding member, who died prematurely within a year of this period. Before.

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In true rugby tradition, the match against Leinster and throughout the 2022/23 season will not miss the food and beverage offer curated by Amoretti CB d’Autore club partner in association with Parma Bread. The venue has a cocktail bar in Piazza Garibaldi and a restaurant called Bread Bistrot in Via La Spezia.

Since 2018, Duke has paid great attention to the community of the Seabre family, supporting and nurturing the energy of the large family of the franchise. To coincide with the event, special T-shirts with the names of the 124 clubs in the Seabre family will be on sale in special spaces at the Citadel of Rugby in Parma, dedicated to the trade. a design of a rugby ball on the chest; The bond between Zebras and associated companies is reaffirmed through a symbol of passion that unites and embraces the entire movement from the north to the south of the country.

The event is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all ticket holders for the Seabrey v Leinster match at the Llanfranchi Stadium on Saturday 17th September at 14:00.

Coupons for the challenge and season tickets for the XV’s 11 home matches in the North West are on sale at Ciaotickets, the club’s official vendor website and over 750 active sales points. Italy.

Statements by Michel Dalai, CEO of Sebre Parma: “Before becoming a potential partner of Delinquenti, I am their follower and admirer. I am delighted to start collaborating with the largest and most creative Italian rugby community and start thinking with them about a bridge between grassroots rugby and the fantastic folklore and elite rugby we represent. One thing is for sure, it will be fun. “

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“From the first time we set foot in the Lanfranchi Stadium, the Zebras have made us feel at home. We are delighted to now officially join the Zebra family – announced Andrea Papale, founder of Oval Ball Loaner Delinquents. All rugby fans, born in 2014 and a total of 168,000 on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram – Active with more than 100,000 followers – we will bring with us the support of the largest rugby community in Italy. Our goal is to let the players who play The Field hear the voice of every fan present on our social pages, helping them to give their best for this shirt and for the entire Seabrey family.

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