Scotts, Welsh and Northern Irish will delight

Scotts, Welsh and Northern Irish will delight

Save us Roberto, you are our last hope. This one Mancini The man who dominates the front page this morning, as William Wallace, the Scottish captain who defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in the thirteenth century. National, Glasgow Independence Press. The newspaper has a circulation of about five thousand copies, and if the capital letters and isna are indeed tabloids, the message has more than one thread of truth.

Of England Gareth Southgate Not one of the UK national teams. Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of the whole country, but in his heart, like the dozen flags that adorn the front of the 10 Downing Street Show, the Three Lions have a special place. Here, so to speak, Wimbledon’s final form takes on a political dimension. Who saw the Premier wearing a Welsh or Scotland shirt? Or wave its flags? For those born in Sunday’s competition, at the foot of Mount Snowden or in Northern Ireland, outside the wall of the Hatrian, exciting joy Johnson As well as the spasmodic, successful focus of the media on the exploitation of Harry Kane and associates, from most of his ministers, London and England represent another manifestation of the executive and institution. The world. Country.

This is a paradox with deep historical roots, as far as it is concerned Scotland and Northern Ireland, This was also evident in the case of Brexit: in the 2016 referendum, a majority voted to remain in the European Union. All voters in the United Kingdom were forced to accept the confirmed result, with Scotland and Ulster touching on the economic consequences of divorce today. Movement in Scotland a New referendum on independence And possible reading of the European Union.

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Impeccable hardness

The England Old EnemyAs Stephen Wray, 42, of Barhead, East Renfroshire, explained to The Independent, the old enemy is difficult even among moderates who promote the Southgate national team. He explains that if the natural animosity towards England towards football has faded over the years, I can not make them happy under any circumstances. To me England is an opponent and you never want your opponent to win. The same problems exist in Wales. The first law of Welsh football is clear, with a touch of paradox Eastin Davis, Cardiff music teacher. ‘You support the other team when England play. It doesn’t matter which team they are on, but they never dare England.

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