Scottish Blues Bath, Holy Wales

Scottish Blues Bath, Holy Wales

Saint-Denis – Down to Earth. The 15th-seeded Frenchman, who needs four points to win the Six Nations Championship by 21 points, lost to Scotland in Stade de France on Saturday (27-23).

Wales, who have won four of their five matches, are sacred, four points behind France. Ireland completes the stage.

After the match, winger Dohan van der Merwe’s promise changed the game for Scotland, who had won in France for the first time since 1999.

Full-back Bryce Doolin (36), Damien Benaud (46) and second-row Swann Ribez (66) made three attempts, but they struggled after the Baptist Series’ yellow card (73).

After all, they failed to widen the gap against the wild Scots: two attempts by Duhan van der Merwe (15, 80 + 5) and David Cherry (61) with Finn Russell XXL. Winger became the top scorer (5).

Because they believed it was twice the yellow card of Stuart Hogg (40) and the red card of Art Russell (71) …

Thus, the 15th 2021 edition of France finished second just behind the Welshman, thus winning the tournament for the 28th time, finishing sixth out of six nations.

“We must be humble after defeat. But for the second time in this competition and in the tough competition we came second. We have to say ize ”, Fabian Gallati replied disappointed after the match.

The English champions have been relegated to fifth place in front of a perpetual Italian wooden spoon that has not won a championship since 2015, with 32 defeats in a row.

Alon Wayne Jones’ fifth title

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This is the fifth title in the competition for perpetual Welsh captain Alone Wayne Jones. At a party hosted at the XV du Leek training center, the British and Irish lions will have to wait until noon on Saturday to lift the legendary second series trophy of 157 selections, including 9.

As in 2020, the Frenchman finished second, beating the future winner of the Stade de France (last year England 24-17, this year Wales 32-30). Like Antoine DuPont or Roman Netanyahu, the Blues can see life on the team, but it’s not enough to win their first Six Nations Championship since 2010.

On Monday, France will move up from third to fifth place in the world rankings.

After winning two consecutive places in the tournament, Galty can reassure himself that he has been the manager’s best performer since Jean-Claude Schrill (third in 1996 and grand slam in 1997).

The Blues have lost just four of their first fifteen fights on the bench for the previous season. These defeats led them to three trophies, 17-28 in Scotland, 22-19 in overtime and 23-20 in England: the 2020 Championship, the Autumn Cup of Nations, and the 2021 Six Nations Cup.

– Revenge on photos –

His predecessors were Jack Brunel (fourth in 2018 and 2019), Guy Novis (fifth in 2016, third in 2017), Philip St-Andre (fourth in 2012, sixth in 2013), and Mark Livermond (third in 2008 and 2009). He did not perform well in the first two tournaments.

Bernard Laport, the current head of FFR, started second in 2000, but the Blues finished fifth and final in the 2001 edition.

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I’m not sure this consistency is enough to make the blouse smile. On Saturday, they scored three tries in their last two games against XV du Chardonnay. But against England (23-20) they set foot on the mat at Twickenham.

A French Xwick who knows how to adapt to everything is very bad: the counter team that took advantage of the small advance (50-10) against Italy became a cold beast of Irish realism (15-13) before gaining more. Happily in England (23) -20). Finally, on the way to the Grand Slam, Wales (32-30) showed a good disposition to derail.

Against Scotland, teammate Charles Oliven proved himself again, but they failed to win their first trophy of the week.

The young French team, which initially averaged 26 and 24 predictions, still has some progress.

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