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Scotland v Israel: Kieran Tierney Kovid strikes and Oli McBurney their predictions as the focus panel focuses

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Scotland have a chance to move closer to the euro next year against familiar rivals Israel.

The UEFA Nations League has opened the door for Steve Clarke and his players to make history in the play-offs tonight, with the winners of next month’s clash between Norway and Serbia.

Before the confrontation, Lanarkshire Live Sport The authors have an opinion on how the Hampden encounter will take place.

Paul Thompson

Scotland would love to get us through the Ringer, and I hope they do it again tonight.

With so much going on off the pitch, Stuart Armstrong tested positive for Kovid-19, which led to closer ties.

That would make for a terrifying night in Hampden, but I think we still have enough to get through.

John McGinn is in sparkling form, and he could be the stimulus to unlock the Israeli defense. After getting the first call-up from Linden Dyke against the same opposition last month, I hope he will lead this column and become the target man we need on nights like this.

With so much riding on it, it will be tight, and we learned lessons from last month’s draw in the National League group competition.

I think we will edge this, but consider that we need extra time to book our place in the final.

Score Forecast: Scotland 2 Israel 1 (overtime)

Andy McGillvre

It needs to succeed in Scotland. that’s all.

The biggest problem was that this game would normally play in front of 50,000 people, and Hampden would probably jump on one of the best opportunities (I would be one of them) and not have the same unpopular energy there.

Although Covid has affected Scotland’s selection, we can expect to rise above it and win.

I know we recently broke up 1-1 with Israel, but with all due respect it matters. Children, do this for all of us.

Score Forecast: Scotland 2 Israel 1

Mark Pierre

It was Scotland’s luck that they got into a whistle of a major tournament in the middle of an epidemic.

Hampden is not seen screaming with Kovid Positive Stuart Armstrong, Ryan Christie and Kieran Tierney for the decisive clash.

The disappearance of Tiani may have been a simple decision to return to the flat-back used by Steve Clark at the beginning of his term and in the spelling of Kilmarnock.

The Gaffers disposal seems to have more offensive options than we faced Israel in the 1-1 draw last month.

We couldn’t keep up with the goals, but we could overcome the opposition with Oli McBurney and Lyndon Dykes.

Score Forecast: Scotland 3 Israel 1

Fraser Clark

Scotland v Israel Games seem to happen every few weeks, but here we go again …

After a stellar performance against Team C of the Czech Republic, Steve Clarke’s side need to take their game seriously against an Israeli team that is always causing problems.

A shining spot in recent games is the performance of Lyndon Dyke, who is starting to look really hard and has been able to avoid the pressure that Scotland needs in recent years. He also proved against checks that he has the ability to take it if given the chance.

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It gave me some hope. I think we will see Oli McBurney ready to give that vital option off the bench when needed, and I support him to get the skeptics off the bench and prove him wrong in scoring his first Scotland goal.

If players can’t elevate themselves for a game like this, we can give up the chance to go to a major tournament for another 22 years.

Score Forecast: Scotland 2 Israel 1

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