Scotland Level 3 Restrictions: New restrictions in Scotland | UK | News

Scotland Level 3 Restrictions: New restrictions in Scotland |  UK |  News

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has introduced a new level of response to the corona virus in Scotland. The system has five levels, from zero to the lowest. It follows from the unified system of England introduced earlier this month. The scale of the COVID-19 restrictions on each region of Scotland when the new system goes into effect next week was discussed in the Scottish Parliament.

The new regulations will begin on Monday, November 2, and will be included in the third level, including the Central Belt in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The northern regions of Aberdeen and Fif will be on the second level.

The islands off the west coast will be level one.

Scotland currently has strict rules for meeting others outside your home, and FM imposes heavy restrictions on the hospitality sector.

What are the level three restrictions?

Level three restrictions mean that groups from two to six are allowed to meet in public places while in-home socializing is not allowed.

The sale of alcohol is not permitted in indoor or outdoor hospitality settings, however the sale of food is permissible.

Traveling outside the Level Three area is not permitted unless absolutely necessary – for example to travel to work or school, although work from home is required where possible.

Scotland’s Central Belt, Dundee, North & South Lanarkshire, Inverclide and Ireland moved to the third floor.

The first minister said he hoped Edinburgh and East Lothian would move to the second phase.

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What are Level Two Restrictions?

You will not be allowed to have an indoor meeting with any other staff except in a hospitality setting.

Rule six applies – but only two employees are allowed to visit at a time.

Alcohol cannot be served at home unless substantial food is purchased.

Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, Fife, Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Argyll, Butte, Perth, Kinross, Angus

What are Level One Restrictions?

On Level One, the usual things like shops and bars are open as usual.

Cards for Level One have socializing – allowing friends and family to visit both indoors and outdoors.

Rule 6 still applies – but only two houses can be visited at a time.

What are Level Zero Controls?

By imposing important restrictions on socialization, as close as possible to normal life.

In Level One, up to eight people can mix indoors from three different homes.

Dooddor, 15 people from five homes can get together.

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