Scotland launches new campaign for independence referendum

Scotland launches new campaign for independence referendum

LONDON – Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday launched his new campaign for a second independence referendum. They argue that Scotland would be in better financial health outside the UK.

According to Ms Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party and the authoritarian government in Scotland, the time has come for Scotland to “put forward a different and better perspective.”

The first referendum on Scottish independence failed in 2014, with 55% of citizens voting “No” to remain in the United Kingdom.

Nicola Sturgeon said she wants to hold a new independence referendum before the end of 2023. On Tuesday, she said the Scottish Parliament had an “undeniable democratic mandate”. Conducting such a poll.

The Scottish National Party, along with the Scottish Green Party, is leading the pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament. On the part of the British government, Prime Minister Boris Johnson opposed the new referendum, arguing that the case was settled in 2014.

Nicola Sturgeon believes that things have changed in the last eight years, especially since Brexit, when the United Kingdom left the European Union. The decision was opposed by a majority of Scots.

“If we had known in 2014 all we now know about the path chosen by the United Kingdom, I have no doubt that Scotland would have voted” yes, “the first minister assured in an interview with the BBC.

The first series of briefing papers published by the Scottish Government under the theme ‘Building a New Scotland’ addresses the post-independence challenges and the ways in which independence can help make Scotland richer and more beautiful.

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Like Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland has its own devolved government, especially imposing its own policies on health and education. However, the central government of London retains jurisdiction over matters including defense and taxation.

While ignoring other issues that are considered more stressful, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising cost of living, Miss. Sturgeon has been criticized by opposition parties. They believe a new referendum will divide the population, which will have the opposite effect on Scotland.

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