Scientists warn: “Arctic ice will soon be gone”. Europe fears “serious consequences”

Scientists warn: "Arctic ice will soon be gone".  Europe fears "serious consequences"

L ‘Arctic It’s overheated, and soon there will be no ice in it. This is a terrible situation that scientists have described and accepted The guard: Global warming is affecting the region seven times faster than the global average. Evidence of this is the northern part of the Barents Sea, the strip of Arctic Ocean that stretches north of Russia and Norway: this is where experts identify warning signs of what could happen in North America, Asia and even Europe. Seems to be, Every 10 years, the temperature in this part of the ocean rises by 2.7 degrees Celsius, 4 degree peaks in the autumn months. Data leading researchers from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute to predict the risk of “extreme weather in North America, Asia and Europe”.

The snow disappears

It was already known that the climate crisis was endangering the very existence of the Arctic, but the latest findings of experts show just how deplorable the situation is in certain areas. As a consequenceincrease Unstoppable temperature, Snow disappears everywhere and can not perform its “mitigation” action against the atmosphere: More ice melts, seawater warms as well as air. “We expected strong warm-ups, but not at this level,” he admits Kettle EssexA researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute who coordinated the fieldwork. “It simply came to our notice then. As far as we know, these are the highest temperatures ever observed from anywhere on Earth.

Study of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Isaacson and his team compared the temperature of the North Barents Sea for the last 40 years from 1981 to 2020. 2.5 times the Arctic average and 5 to 7 times that of the planet. “This is a warning of what will happen not only in the rest of the country, but also outside the glacial habitat:” Temperatures are rising here in Oslo 0.4 degrees every 10 years. In winter, people realize that the weather is not conducive to snowfall.

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The Barents Sea as a thermometer for low latitudes, And so on. According to Ixsen, there is evidence that Arctic heat waves change the wind around the region and cause extreme weather. “If this situation is real – he comments Michael Man Pennsylvania State University – Current models struggle to predict Climate change is facing another way of causing uncontrollable weather events.

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