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യുഎസിൽ നിന്ന് ശാസ്ത്രജ്ഞർ ചൈനയിലേക്ക് മടങ്ങുന്നു, ലക്ഷ്യങ്ങൾ നിരവധി

On November 1st, Chinese structural biologist Ning Yan was speaking at the Shenzhen Global Innovation Talent Forum… Ning Yan made an announcement that excited the Chinese youth. The announcement was that he was resigning as a full-time professor at Princeton University to join the Shenzhen Medical Academy of Research and Translation. Ning Yan’s decision to return from abroad and use his knowledge and talent for his country has been viewed 400 million times on Chinese social media.

In his speech Yan divided life into three stages. The three stages were inculcation, demonstration and production. They say that the first two phases are over and they will return to China for the third phase. Yen adds that he is also taking on the task of imparting what he has learned to more Chinese people.

Yan is also a student of Shi Yigong, a researcher who returned to China after receiving her PhD from Johns Hopkins University. Shi Yigong came to China as a teacher at Tsinghua University. Tsinghua was also instrumental in establishing Westlake University, a research university in Hangzhou, China. Yan also returns to China following the example of his former teacher.

It is believed that Yan’s return and viral speech will inspire all Chinese researchers and scientists abroad to return to their homeland. China is preparing plans to attract not only its citizens but also scientists and researchers from other countries to China. The local government of Shenzhen Nagam, where Yan is returning from, is providing special subsidies and housing allowances for international researchers.

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Yan returns to China with big plans. A medical academy modeled after the American National Institute of Health is planned to be established in Shenzhen under Yan’s leadership. The organization aims to achieve these goals by allowing researchers a greater degree of autonomy and funds. Shenzhen Medical Academy of Research and Translation is expected to be of great benefit to China in the long run.

Malayalam Summary: Why scientist’s decision to return to China from US is making waves online

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