Scientists predict supernova glow in 2037

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Supernovae exploded 10 billion years ago. However, astronomers believe that by 2037 its reflections will reappear in the sky. Specialists publish and write related scientific works in the journal Nature Astronomy “World 24.

Scientists have explained that such a phenomenon is not directly related to the star. For a long time, light from a celestial body would reach Earth through a cluster of giant galaxies.

“When light passes close to a large object, such as a galaxy or a cluster of galaxies, Einstein’s general theory of relativity tells us that the curvature of space-time delays the movement of light around this mass,” the expert explained.

Such brilliance in science is called gravitational lensing. Due to the cluster of galaxies, the light from the star’s explosion becomes brighter, then multiplies and divides into several rays. They appear at different times in the sky above the earth.

The last time such a phenomenon was recorded was in 2019. Astronomers have concluded that the glow came from an ancient supernova located 10 billion light-years away from the planet.

Now, scientists have decided that the next light from the star will appear in the sky in 2037. Highlights are still possible in 2042, but their experts expect them to fade.

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A source: Mir 24. TV

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