Scientists’ most important discovery, black hole found many times larger than the Sun – Scientists find black hole recovery in galaxy cluster Abel

अब हुई विज्ञान जगत की अहम खोज, यहां पर मिला सूरज से कई गुना बड़ा ब्लैक होल

Astronomers have discovered a black hole in the galaxy. The black hole found in the center of the galaxy cluster Abel 2261 is the result of a fusion of two black holes. This is called recalling black hole.

A very large black hole was recently discovered in the bright cluster galaxy where two black holes meet. A galaxy up to a million light-years away is 10 times the diameter of our galaxy.

This supermassive black hole was found to be millions or billions of times larger than the Sun. Located in the center of the glowing cluster of galaxies, it plays an important role in shaping central regions. The Hubble Space Telescope and the Subaru Space Telescope of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have shown that the size of this galaxy is much larger than that of a normal galaxy.

Dr. of the Space Telescope Science Institute. These features were first identified by Mark Postman. He said the Milky Way was seen in the Hubble film. He also mentioned that when he first saw the image of this galaxy, he realized that it was unusual.

Understanding this was a big challenge. He said it was more complex and difficult than any previous black hole known. This supermassive black hole can exit the center once it comes in contact with the star. Additionally, it can take some takeaway from the binary and shorten the orbit of the binary.

The returning black hole is expelled by a strong force from the center of the galaxy, which travels into space in a nigu space. Its distance from Earth is about 2000 light years.

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