Scientists make a unique discovery in the Dead Sea – news from ak – Curiosity

Scientists make a unique discovery in the Dead Sea - news from ak - Curiosity

A team of scientists from Russia, Germany, the United States and Italy found the body dead The sea The mineral, which has so far only been found in meteorites, was reported by Tass. The results of the study were published in the journal “American Mineralogist”, reports

“Scientists at St. Petersburg State University and researchers from Germany, the United States, and Italy have discovered the mineral albogdanite (Fe, Ni) 2P, a cosmic substance previously found in meteorites in the Dead Sea region of Russia.” Foundation Press Service Announced.

At the turn of the century, scientists discovered the alabogdanite iron meteorite at Onelo. The mineral is named after Bogdanova, not the crystallographer. Its chemical composition indicates a negative degree of oxidation of phosphorus-containing minerals.

A study from the Dead Sea area of ​​Desi Synchrotron, Germany, found that terrestrial alobogonite could produce pressures of 25 gigapascals – over 250,000 atmospheres. On Earth, such pressure can reach depths of more than 500 km in collisions with large meteorites and in the Earth’s crust.

“Terrestrial alobdonite is associated with the surface of the Dead Sea Basin in Israel, in an area where natural cyclophosphates were recently discovered,” said Prof. John H. Snyder, of the University of St. Petersburg. Said Sergey Britvin.

He said the find raises a number of questions related to the formation of rocks in the area. There has been no evidence of a meteorite disaster or the rise of rocks from the Earth’s crust. “However, as a result of subsequent processes of geological erosion, such evidence could have been erased from the Earth’s surface,” the Russian scientist commented.

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