Scientists have shown what the Earth would look like if all the glaciers melted

Scientists have shown what the Earth would look like if all the glaciers melted

A short video shows what Earth would look like if the permafrost melted.

NASA experts have shown that the level of the world’s oceans is rising faster than expected and will rise by at least 90 centimeters in the coming decades. If this trend – given global warming – continues, the Earth will remain in principle without permanent ice in the future (of course, this will not happen in the near future: it will take at least 5,000 years for all the permanent snow on Earth to melt). What will happen if all the ice melts?

A short clip by Business Insider shows a map of such a future continent. At first glance, the land may not look very different (indeed, cities like Venice will be covered by water very quickly), but, when approaching Asia, the scale of the disaster becomes clear: the big cities of Calcutta and Shanghai (with a population of about 19 million) are depicted as disappearing under water.

Consequences of melting ice:

  • If the level rises by 10 meters, 630 million people will lose their homes – that’s 10% of the Earth’s population;
  • A rise of 25 meters would already make 20% (1.4 billion people) homeless;
  • If all the existing ice sheets were to melt, sea levels would rise 70 meters and the shape of the planet would change irreversibly;
  • Also, many dangerous substances will be released, which are now “preserved” in the permafrost. Such substances include unknown viruses, nuclear waste, and other toxic compounds.

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