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Researchers have carried out a three-dimensional reconstruction to find out how a dinosaur breathes.

This was considered earlierThat the dinosaur is similar to the respiratory system Bird breathing. A new discovery has been shown to be true of some dinosaurs Had his own breathing pattern.

In the study, Published Scientists examine fossils in the journal eLife Heterodontosaurus tucky – The oldest known and oldest representative of Ornithis.

The lungs and air sacs never turn into fossils, so if scientists want to find out how endangered animals breathed, they look at the bones that support the respiratory system.

A three-dimensional reconstruction of the dinosaur skeleton showed that he had an unusual breathing pattern – The thorax and abdomen developed. Scientists call this system the “pelvic bellows.” This type is similar to the breathing of some reptiles: crocodiles breathe with their chest, abdomen, and other muscles, while lizards breathe and expand and contract throughout the body, sometimes even the neck.

However, not all dinosaurs breathe this way. The study suggests that increased chest mobility is only possible in more primitive ornithologists.

We are reminded, scientists have found, How dinosaurs mate. Some of the lizards’ perfect features helped to attract a partner.

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