Scientists have discovered a new way to detect aliens

Image of space stars


Experts have suggested creating a super device that can be noticed on other planets.

Anders Sandberg, a scientist at the Oxford Institute for the Humanities, believes that life exists on Earth-like planets.

This was stated in a message from SETI, a project searching for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Astronomer Sandbreg said it was essential to search for aliens using space supercomputers. In other words, it must be a device that can observe all the planets orbiting the earth. Thus, the aliens themselves will see this signal and visit our planet.

The spherical supercomputer will be controlled by artificial intelligence. It should glow in infrared light away from heating a star. Therefore, it can be noticeable over large distances. He called this device Dyson’s spherical supercomputer.

In addition, Sandberg believes that people seeking extraterrestrial life should focus on searching for artificially created objects, as they can indicate the presence of advanced civilizations in the universe.

Previously, the cursor had reported it The collision of the stars caused a supernova explosion. Thanks to a very large view of the sky, astronomers have found evidence of premature “flying” of a star due to a collision with an extremely compact object, be it a neutron star or a black hole.

Also, our portal wrote it Scientists have been able to reveal the secret of Nigos cosmic cosmic light. Through careful observation, scientists have finally discovered that light from a dead star that collided with its partner in a binary star system – causing a large supernova explosion.

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