Scientists have called on Joe Biden to protect Earth from dangerous asteroids

Scientists have called on Joe Biden to protect Earth from dangerous asteroids

The Planetary Society has called on US President Joe Biden to increase his commitment to NASA’s science programs. This is clear from the open letter from Society CEO Bill Nye.

The group, which includes scientists and other members of the public, has been advocating for space exploration since its inception in 1980. One of its founders was renowned astronomer Carl Sagan, who in 2010 became the executive director of the NY organization.

In a video posted on YouTube, Bill Nye explained five recommendations from the Planetary Society, which take active steps to protect the planet from dangerous asteroids and comets. The Society also seeks an increase of about $ 50 million in the annual budget for NASA’s Planetary Defense Program. They explain that the goal is to improve the detection, tracking and behavior of threats to Earth. Biden has also been asked to support planned space missions to the moon and Mars.

The new president takes office at a crucial time for the space agency. Preparations are already underway for NASA’s Artemis missions to the moon, but only with stable and adequate government funding can the program comply with its optimistic schedule. Meanwhile, Congress is putting pressure on NASA’s budget to develop a manned lunar rover, spending far less money than the agency requested in fiscal year 2021.

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