Scientists have adopted a scientific method and named the most beautiful breeds of cats

Scientists have adopted a scientific method and named the most beautiful breeds of cats

The attractiveness of cat pieces is determined by the principle of “golden ratio”.

Mathematicians and biologists have measured the “faces” of the 46 most famous cats and calculated how close they are to the “golden ratio” that underlies the concept of beauty.

Research results Published On the All About Cats portal.

The researchers studied photographs of cat pieces and measured the ratios of various important characteristics – the length and width of the nose, the width of the nose, the distance from the top of the head to the pupils, and from the pupils to the mouth and tip. The nose is located between the outer corners of the eyes and the distance from the ear to the pupil.

Indicators closest to the value of the “gold category” (1.62) are the basis for naming the most beautiful items. The first three include:

  • Norwegian Forest;
  • Russian blue;
  • Minsk.

Doreen Wolfberg, founder of All About Cats, argues that this ancient symmetry algorithm underscores man’s understanding of attractiveness. “The more a face or object fits into it, the more aesthetically pleasing it is to our brain,” he said.

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By the way, the measurements identified the most beautiful species. They were Himalayan, St. Petersburg and Persian cats.

We will remind, Cat with four ears The nickname Midas became a star on the social network. The pictures of the animal appeared on his Instagram account.

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