Scientists first observed the quantum processes between water molecules

Scientists first observed the quantum processes between water molecules

Vibrating currents

Ordinary water has many unusual properties that scientists have yet to explain. Although most liquids harden when cooled, water does not do so until the water concentration reaches 4 സെ C. Further cooling, it re-expands, illuminates and rises to the surface – thus freezing the surface of the pools first. Thus, water has an unusually high surface tension, which allows some insects to walk on its surface; Specific water temperature – very high.

We remember from the school course that a water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom – H₂O. Water molecules are held together by the hydrogen bonds between the positively charged single molecule hydrogen and the negatively charged oxygen molecules of adjacent molecules. Many properties of water are accurately determined by these confusing relationships, but until recently scientists were not able to directly observe the interactions between water molecules.

The very small size of the water molecules and the high velocity of hydrogen bond motion prevent such observations. Researchers at the National Accelerator Laboratory SLAC, Stanford University and the University of Stockholm have been able to overcome this obstacle with the help of an electronic camera MEV-UED that can capture small movements of molecules with electronic fluxes.

The researchers created water jets 100 nm thick and forced them to vibrate with an infrared laser beam. They then proposed short high energy electron pulses to the water molecules in the MEV-UED, Writes Stanford News.

They added snapshots of the atomic structure of how water molecules react to light in a video. Observations of the three molecules show that when they begin to vibrate, the hydrogen atoms repel a new force that attracts oxygen atoms from nearby water molecules and then expands the space between the molecules.

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Scientists hope to use this method to study the quantum nature of hydrogen species and their significance for the hitherto unexplored properties of water, which are important for many chemical and biological processes.

In 2019, for the first time a team of physicists from Austria Observed Quantum 15 amino acid chain interaction. Their research laid the foundation for the study of quantum biological molecules, enzymes, DNA, and perhaps even the simplest organisms, such as viruses.

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