Scientists are questioning tests that could indicate the effectiveness of Sputnik V.

Scientists are questioning tests that could indicate the effectiveness of Sputnik V.

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In a letter to the science journal The LancetA team of nine researchers led by Enrico Buchi from Temple University (USA) points out what he called “Data inconsistency” e “Non-standard reports” In publishing the test results of the third phase of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

In February of this year, the Lancet published a preliminary study of Russian scientists 91.6% efficacy of immunization against symptomatic cases was indicated.

“Restricted access to data makes research difficult to trust. Access to the data supporting the study results is required to confirm and validate the claimed results. If there are obvious errors and numerical discrepancies in the statistics and the results presented, it is more serious. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with the Sputnik V Phase 3 tests. ”Buchi’s group says in a signed letter.

“Many experts found problematic data in results published from steps 1 and 2, and we made several independent requests to access the raw data set, but they were never answered.”, Follows the letter, adding the temporary results of the third step “Raise Serious Concerns Again”.

Group card expires:

“We again invite researchers to make available data based on analysis. We invite the editors of the Lancet to clarify the consequences of continuing to deny access to the data required to evaluate the results, if the authors insist on denying it. ”

In the month of April, Anvisa rejected the governors’ request to import Russian vaccine, What Created a diplomatic crisis.

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