Scientists are discovering new organs in the human body, here’s how it works

Scientists are discovering new organs in the human body, here's how it works

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, scientists discovered a body part that has not yet been identified. This body part is inside the face.

This part is known as the muscle layer in the mesentery, which is the organ that raises the lower jaw and is essential for chewing. The mesenteric muscle has two layers: the deep and the superficial.

This was revealed in a study published on December 2 in the scientific journal Quoted by CNBC Indonesia on Sunday (12/26/2021).

“Some historical texts also mention the possibility of a third layer, but they do not quite match the position.” Write a report in the journal quoting Live Science.

Scientists have examined whether the muscles of the long jawbone have a hidden deep-seated layer, as historic texts indicate.

Photo: Scientists have discovered a new body part that is not yet known. This body part is important for chewing (web screenshot
Scientists have discovered new body parts that are not yet known. This body part is important for chewing (web screenshot

They dissected 12 heads of human bodies stored in formaldehyde and reviewed CT scans of 16 ‘new’ corpses and MRI scans of the living.

Subsequently, they identified three anatomically different layers of the mesenteric muscle. This deep layer extends from the sigmoid process to the bone projections that are part of the cheekbones.

In addition, the coronoid process of a triangular projection into the lower jaw may be felt just before the ear.

“This interior of the musculoskeletal muscle can be clearly distinguished from the other two layers in terms of path and function,” said Scilivia Messi, the first author of the discovery.

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In the journal, scientists suggested naming the newly discovered muscle layer “muscular mass pars coronidia”, meaning “the coronoid portion of the musculature”.

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