Scientific breakthrough: A new opportunity for paralyzed spinal cord injured people to walk

Scientific breakthrough: A new opportunity for paralyzed spinal cord injured people to walk

Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago have developed an effective solution to help people with spinal cord injury regain their freedom of movement, writes New Scientist. Summary Mentioned.

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This is because the sol-gel, developed by the group, can be injected into the damaged area without external intervention, and stimulates stimuli and aids in the natural healing process.

Samuel Stout and his colleagues at Northwestern University in Chicago created a substance called monomers, which combine with water to form supermolecular fibrils. In their experiment, the researchers injected 76 mice with paralysis, one day after the primary injury, by injecting fibrils or placebo made from saline. The gel allowed paralyzed mice to walk four weeks after injection, while placebo-treated rats did not regain their ability to walk.

The degree of functional recovery and the solid biological evidence of improvement observed using a model that actually mimics serious human trauma set the therapy apart from other approaches.

Stup says that other experimental therapies developed to treat paralysis use stem cells or proteins and that their safety and efficacy are questionable and that the sol-gel they developed based on the first studies is more effective and safe.

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