Science fiction about to become reality!

"Is Mask's chip the first step to teleportation?" Kokovic: They created a robot that drills the skull and stitches the cut before installing the chip

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Elon Mask He announced that he hopes to begin clinical trials of a wireless brain chip developed by his company, Neuralink, in humans within half a year.

A company called “Neuralink” creates brain chips Designed to allow the disabled to regain motor functions and enable communication, the chips also aim to restore sight to the visually impaired.

It is also intended for the treatment of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Peter Kokovich
Photo: Kurir Television

Is this idea at the level of science fiction or waiting for the patent of the century?

On this occasion the guest of “Editorial” Prof. Dr. from the Faculty of Information Technologies. Peter Kokovic.

First, he mentioned the company “Neuralink” and the licenses needed to release the product for wider use.

– There are differences because now research is done on the whole brain before researching on parts of the brain. People have chips to improve their hearing or chips to help them walk straighter. “Neuralink” had 8 neuroscientists who founded it in 1997 and at one point they experienced bankruptcy. “It’s not exactly something that can be done overnight,” Kokovic began, then continued:

– Then Elon Musk injected 100 million dollars, and soon the entire company became 183 million dollars. To make a medicine-related device that could help people work for Americans, it had to pass the prestigious FDA, and they received an initial license for their research, but it’s not yet widely accepted. use

Photo: Kurir Television

On the other hand, the mentioned company is under federal investigation for possible animal rights violations during testing.

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Kokovic said the company was reported by animal welfare organizations.

– They are still not under investigation, but they reported that they experimented on chimpanzees, pigs, and many other animals. Because of this, the associations reported them. The problem is that 17 of the 25 monkeys died without being reported by the company. Kokovic revealed that they had to be put to sleep because they contracted various diseases.

Although the idea of ​​the chip is to help people, a humanitarian activity that benefits humanity, Kokovich also mentioned possible ways to misuse this patent.

– The company “Neuralink” has created a robot that precisely drills the skull during the placement of the chip, and then sutures the wound. They need to fix that first to get approved. “I hope they don’t record what they meant by that chip,” Kokovic said.

Before long, he looked back at what all the possibilities were in vogue.

The Ailment Healing Chip, Teleport, and Mind Reading!  Are we ready for the patent of the century?  The expert explained the scientist's ideas


The Ailment Healing Chip, Teleport, and Mind Reading! Are we ready for the patent of the century? The expert explained the scientist’s ideas

– In theory, it is predicted that various functions of the brain can be used by a chip. The story takes place from 1969 in the cult series “Star Trek”. There were built things that people were trying to figure out like teleportation and mind reading. Vigorous work is going on for this. The Russians even tried to read thoughts with the help of caps conducting electrodes, so the electromagnetic waves were decoded.Then there is no need for communication, but thoughts can be read – Kokovic said.

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