Scary fact! Anti-vaccine group spreading across Europe worries authorities…

Le symbole du V_V

A doctor is shocked by the number of unvaccinated patients at his hospital. Because of this, he decides to post An awareness video In facebook. like lightning, Many hate messages for him It’s coming, it’s comingA radical anti-vaccine group called V_V.

His name is taken from the movie V for VendettaFeel the movement build momentum, Especially in France and Italy. The group has previously harassed doctors, vandalized offices and disrupted vaccination centers.

GraphicaA data analytics company, counts the group 20,000 members by the end of 2021. In addition to Italy and France, according to her, V_V is trying to expand to Spain, the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Germany.

Struggling to find a balance between social networks Moderation of Harmful Content and Protection of Freedom of Expression.

“It’s dangerous for society that we’re going in a direction where no one can trust the information.”

M. TuckerCo-Director of Center for Social Media and Politics of’New York University

Using the group Fake accounts to escape detection. Also, they coordinate its activities on platforms such as TelegramSince the latter is subject More flexible moderation policies.

“They understand how the Internet works.”

M. StubbsThe researcher Graphica

Last December, Facebook has deleted several accounts linked to this group. But that hasn’t stopped V_V from continuing to use Facebook and other platforms. Reset researchers raised “Questions about the efficacy and consistency of self-reported intervention of meta.”

Meta gave his answer activities Never meant toDelete all content of V_V. However, they have Deleted accounts Participants in coordinated harassment.

V_V is also active on Twitter. According to ResetAccounts are created after Facebook takes action against the program.

In response, Twitter said it had taken action against them, but did not provide further details.


Movements like V_V worry law enforcement and terrorism researchers. The fact is that these groups cross over From online harassment to real world action.

They used Telegram in April to announce the payment 10,000 euros for vandals. This amount is intended Draw two red Vs in a circle Represents their symbol In public buildings or vaccination centers.

A month before the Facebook restrictions, the Italian police implemented 17 activists’ houses raided Antiviral vaccine. So they promised threats Against government, medical and media workers. Under the guise of support for Covid-19 restrictions.

Source: Medical Express

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