Scary Day 5 Creative Ideas For A Date – wmn

Scary Day 5 Creative Ideas For A Date - wmn

Yours Halloween-date Imminent, you still do not know what to do? Then you are exactly here. We will tell you how your date can be intimidating and romantic at the same time and how you can get closer. You will find out all about the origins of the festival.

Tips for your Halloween date

Why do we actually celebrate Halloween?

Halloween originated in Ireland. In the pre-Christian era, the Celts celebrated Samhain on October 31, one of their most important festivals. They celebrated their harvest, The beginning of the cold season and the beginning of a new calendar year. They firmly believe that this day will be associated with the realm of the dead.

A look at the myths reveals that the dead went to Samhain in search of the living who might die next year. To prevent evil spirits People dressed in horrible clothes and hunted the streets at night. The great fire must ward off evil spirits. In addition, small gifts were placed in front of the houses to appease the spirits and prevent them from doing wrong.

The word Halloween came into being only with the Christianization. The church calls the ninth-century pagan festival “All Hallows ‘Eve,” November 1, the evening before All Saints’ Day. Protestant Christians remember October 31 as Reformation Day In 1517, the monk and theologian Martin Luther published 95 of his essays on the reformation of the church in Wittenberg.

Today, Halloween is celebrated mainly among young people Plus it offers a great opportunity for a romantic Halloween date. So here are our 5 tips for a great date.

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How about a cooking evening on your Halloween date? Attribution: Alliance Images / Shutterstock / Alliance Images / Shutterstock

First idea: Cook a Halloween meal

As you know, love goes through the stomach, so your Halloween date can be special. A pumpkin soup is perfect for this. Here you can find out what healthy pumpkins can do. Also: during preparation You have enough time to get to know each other better and enjoy time together. Alternatively, there are especially delicious drinks with pumpkin. Here you can choose alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Our tip from the editorial team: Be sure to try pumpkin cco and hot chocolate with pumpkin.

Second idea: scare yourself in front of the television

A Halloween date is the concept of a cozy movie night, including a horror movie. Click Instructions on Netflix or browse the TV program. With the right horror film, nothing can go wrong and you can end up relaxing on the couch in the evening. You can combine your cooking session and film evening. If you still are Looking for some special things, then I can recommend a pumpkin soup with popcorn. At first it may seem a little familiar, but this soup only serves a few dishes on Halloween with a chef and a TV date.

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Third idea: Go to a Halloween party

Do you really need to cook together or have a movie night? And how about a Halloween party. Here you can get to know each other in a quiet atmosphere with a few drinks and good music – not alone. Take advantage of this Halloween date You can spend the evening with your date and friends. So you can freely decide whether to go to the event alone or with a group of friends.

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Fourth idea: Wrap a pumpkin

What would Halloween be like without pumpkins covered with faces? If you are after a creative Halloween date, carve a pumpkin decoration yourself. This way you will not only spend time together, but you will also notice how creative your date is – or how he will handle the situation. So it would be worth choosing an active date. This also has benefits You can use the internal functions of the pumpkin for another cooking session. So the two can be combined well.

Fifth idea: a crime dinner

Do you have to be scared and still go out and eat? Check out where you are at the next crime dinner. Be general The stories are matched with Halloween, so the Halloween theme takes over your case as well. Not only does this create the right feeling, you will quickly notice how you work together as a team, and even if you fail to resolve the case, you will still have a wonderful Halloween date with each other.

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Conclusion: With these 5 ideas, your Halloween date will be unforgettable

Instead of deciding on a date idea, you can also combine different date ideas with each other. So how to wrap a pumpkin first Then cook a soup and end the evening with a horror movie? Alternatively, you can choose a classic Halloween party with a dress code and one or another drink. Anyway, Halloween offers a lot of opportunities to get to know each other calmly and enjoy time together.

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