Say goodbye to “OK Google” and no need to say it again to activate the helper

Say goodbye to "OK Google" and no need to say it again to activate the helper

Google It makes significant changes to its Smart Assistant and brings a new update to your cell phone that eliminates the need to say “OK Google” when asked or asked anything.

The google assistant It is a great tool for finding information quickly without having to open your phone. You can set alarms, ask your mom to call you, ask her to remind you of your next dental appointment, and ask questions about fun and interesting facts.

every time Google Upgrade the system with its helpers and Google Home Tools with more options to make your home a better place. Changes in the tone of voice, such as more options, phrases, and a little more conversational and interesting language, have already been introduced earlier this year. But no doubt, until then all this is possible thanks to the two magic words “OK Google”. This paved the way for the answers and requests you need.

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I’m fine now Google He plans to put these words behind him and become smarter. The assistant can now record your voice and read various commands, established and known phrases, and your habits, Google does not require these styles to set your morning alarm clock, change songs, set the alarm or perform. Simple tasks.

While this is not a farewell, it’s a great move for Google with multiple door-to-door updates and updates, as “OK Google” will continue to be required for more advanced tasks such as search and home control. That promise makes communicating with your devices a simple task.

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All of these innovations are kept in the quest for those who are committed to reading Google’s source code and who will be able to detect the coming changes in technology and the search engine giant before anyone else.

This update is expected to arrive in the next few months with new changes to how the Assistant works.

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