Save the Most Valuable Memories: Tips on How to Digitize Old Photos and Records

Save the Most Valuable Memories: Tips on How to Digitize Old Photos and Records -
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Save your most precious memories: Tips for digitizing old photos and records. Shutterstock photo

“While paper may seem like a safer and more reliable way of storing memories, there is still no one who can improve in the long run, so when you look for a reliable and long – lasting storage that is accessible to the whole family at any time, you are looking for cloud storage. , ”He says.Bees Prof“ Lina Štrafėlaitė.

Old photos

To digitize old photos, you can roll up your sleeve and work yourself or get help from the outside.

“The easiest way is to download a Google Photoscan (Android, iOS) or Photomyne (Android, iOS) app and digitize photos with your smartphone camera. Take a photo on a well-lit surface. The app will automatically crop the image and optimize the colors, ”says Bitte’s smart device expert.

Slides and instructions

Several moments in the life of a parent or grandmother continued on the slides. Use one of the dedicated apps like Slides ‌can (Android, iOS) to convert the images you capture here to digital photos.

“Place the slide on a light surface – it could be the light on your phone or computer (go to or on the tablet screen. On a sunny day, you can lighten the slide to the window. Scan with the app. Photos will be cropped automatically. It’s true that you should not expect the best photo quality, ”says Bit Profigizes.

To digitize suggestions for old photos, try the “Helmet” (Android) app created by Lithuanian programmers Costas Ratkauskas and Maximus Sorokinas. If you use Apple phones, Film Scanner Pro (iOS) will work best for you.

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It seems that people have been copying and pasting CDs from old videotapes, and today they want to convert them to MP4 files and save them on the computer.

“It simply came to our notice then. All you have to do is open the CD on your computer, run a handbrake (available for Windows and Mac users) or similar program, activate the required settings, and wait for the process to complete. The store can conveniently store your digital files in Google Drive cloud storage. “ICloud, Dropbox, External Hard Drive,” Bee Prof.

Experts add that in order to save existing files for a long time, it is important to constantly convert them to new formats. For example, if we are digitizing old photos, slides or videos today, it is not surprising that in the near future we will use artificial intelligence, Olap cube or other new technologies.

Video tapes

Probably a number of beautiful moments, also known as VHS, were recorded on videotape. Unlike photos, slides or suggestions, images take longer to convert to digital videos.

“If you still have an old videocassette player at home and a lot of video tapes you want to digitize, you should buy a USB video and audio adapter and do everything yourself. Or – if you do not have the equipment – I advise you to take them to the photo laboratory and entrust this work to specialists, ”L. Says trafėlaitė.

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