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When it comes to headphones, Sony makes it The best you can buy, Duration. Combining features and performance, the brand’s flawless offers are great for working from home, a long car ride or any other activity you can think of, and now, you get three incredibly popular Sony sets. Low prices as part of Best Buy’s Big Black Friday Savings Event.

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For a fixed time, you will get it Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones, Originally sold for 9,349.99, sale 278. This is the total. Saves 71.99, matching the all-time low price seen earlier this month.

Released Earlier this year, WH-1000XM4 headphones universally praised in reviews, Including usFor good reason. They offer clear and complete sound, incredible noise cancellation and attractive modern technology along with their comfortable design. They boast about 30 hours of battery life and work in an affiliate application that allows you to customize it to your exact needs with a balance and adjustment options for barometric pressure.

If you want to save more money, you can also rate it 4.3-star Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones For a ridiculously low price. Originally $ 199.99, these budget friendly heart cans drop to $ 88, thus saving you $ 111.99.

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Upgraded Our previous favorite cans, The Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones (Originally 9 349.99, now sold at 9 279.99), this WH-1000XM4 model offers some new features like the ability to easily swap between two devices. This makes them great for navigating between your phone and computer for those zoom meetings.

As for WH-CH710Ns We think the option is a good investment for shoppers who want to enjoy all the high quality Sony features, i.e. sound cancellation, stellar audio and battery life – but for those who want to stay within budget. Our Review, We liked the attractive appearance of these cans, and found the cups to be comfortable (although not as comfortable as the WH-1000XM3 or WH-1000XM4).

The WH-CH710N model actually has a distinct area of ​​battery life. Our testers found that these headphones comply with the company’s claims for better battery life and offer more than 30 hours of power. Plus, the WH-CH710N pair’s consistent Bluetooth connectivity and voice mitigation capabilities make it a delightful choice for anyone looking for a pair of affordable sonies.

No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong with one of these bad guys. If you are looking for a couple who will make every job from home to a country of peace and quiet, these are just the ticket.

As an added benefit, Best Buy offers contactless curbside pickups at most locations and the next day’s generic delivery. Qualification Orders $ 35 or more. Did you say ressed about income? Don’t be: This holiday season, there’s a retailer They stretched Way Saturday, January 16th, For all purchases made Sunday, January 2nd.

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