Saudi Arabia warns of high-risk cyber-attack from “browser broker”

Saudi Arabia warns of high-risk cyber-attack from "browser broker"

In recent days, there has been an increase in cyber-attacks targeting personal devices or mobile phones, the latest of which is targeting Microsoft and infiltrating mobile phones today. A high-level warning from a program used on smart devices also warns of damage to the Firefox browser browser for Android devices, Firefox, Firefox ESR, and the popular Google Chrome browser.

National Indicative Center for Cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia

The Center has confirmed that the found vulnerabilities allow attackers to exploit the malware, called for the browser browser to be updated or replaced, and the Center assesses that the warning is too dangerous for the Google browser, indicating that the attacker may be using the vulnerability to’s the user’s inability to execute the damage. (Buffer Overflow, Malicious Programs Implementation), Firefox Browser threats stress, which means that attackers allow attackers to run malicious and dangerous programs against their users.

The concept of cyber security

The concept of cyber security is one of the most important technical measures to protect official, government or private networks from any threats, to protect information and assets from theft, corruption and natural disasters for the purpose of computer security, and to keep information and assets productive and available to targeted users. Technology is an urgent need to provide organizations and individuals with the necessary protection against cyber-attacks, including three major entities that need to be protected (computers, smart devices, routers, networks, and the electronic cloud).

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