Sarah Harding ‘lives with mum’ after undergoing treatment for acute breast cancer

Sarah Harding 'lives with mum' after undergoing treatment for acute breast cancer

Sarah Harding is reportedly staying with her mum to give herself a ‘better chance’ in the fight against cancer.

The Girl Alloy Star, 38, revealed in August that she had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and told fans she was “fighting as hard as she could.”

Two months later, Sarah is said to be living with her mother Marie Hardman in Manchester during intensive care.

Dedicated Marie is said to have been Sarah’s rock for the past few months, and invites her daughter to go inside and thus help take care of her.

Sarah and Mum Marie Hardman, pictured at the 2013 Pride of Britain Awards, have a very close relationship

Said a source The sun: “Sarah is in intensive care and is well.

“Her best place is with her mother.”

Sarah first opened up about the diagnosis in August and went missing after shocking fans.

Explaining her secret health struggle, Sarah said in a statement: “Earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and two weeks ago I received the devastating news that the cancer had spread to other parts of my body.

“I am currently undergoing weekly chemotherapy sessions and I am struggling as hard as I can.”

Sarah said in a statement in August about the diagnosis

Paying tribute to her mum, she added: “My wonderful mum, family and close friends help me through this.

“I want to thank the NHS doctors and nurses who continue to be leaders.”

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She was wearing a hospital gun and giving a kiss to the camera with the message.

After sharing her post, Sarah had the support of loyal fans and former Girls Allied band members.

Sarah’s last public appearance was at the 2018 National Film Awards

Shortly after the announcement, Cheryl posted a broken heart emoji on her Twitter.

Nadine Koil and Kimberly Walsh chose to respond directly to Sarah’s post.

“I love you !!! You can always achieve miracles when needed !! I am always here & always will be !!” Nadin said.

Kimberly shared: “My heart is broken. You are so strong and brave. We are with you at every step.”

Nicola Roberts tweeted: “It goes without saying that this is blindness. AraSarahNHarding You are so much loved and supported. “

Sarah’s Girls Loud members approached her on social media

The five girls were loudly discussing the annual reunion before Sarah fell ill.

After the success of CelebrityBig Brother in 2017, Sarah decided to lead a quiet life – leaving social media off her website offline.

Her last public appearance was at the National Film Awards in London in March 2018.

Sharing her devastating news, she said, ‘Now seems to be the right time to share what’s going on’.

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