Sanctions against Russia, Orban ‘claim’ Fume gets oil and provokes Croatia: “Unacceptable territorial claims”

Sanctions against Russia, Orban 'claim' Fume gets oil and provokes Croatia: "Unacceptable territorial claims"

Victor Orban Responds to allegations of boycott Sixth EU embargo package On Petroleum ‘Claims’ are Russian River. So it’s irritating Croatia Who decides to send a noteHungary He explained that he had interpreted the words of the Prime Minister Budapest Come on Local Claims To the Croatian coast.

All this is based on an interview released by the leader of Fides It is under pressure to declare Veto on the “Red Line” Of the ban on unlicensed Russian oil Braxless Also to introduce a heavy new package of sanctions MoscaHe said, “One nation Outlet to the sea They can easily import oil “, unlike others like Hungary, which relies heavily on gas pipelines connecting Russia. Vladimir Putin.

Had it not been for the Prime Minister’s final statement, nothing strange would have happened: “If Hungary had not been taken out of the sea, we too would have a port today,” he said, pointing to the fact. River It was part of Hungary (Rijeka) until 1918, when it was first commissionedItalia And then to Croatia. Words ringing in my ears Zagreb They sounded together Local claim. In a note to the Hungarian ambassador to Zagreb, the Croatian Foreign Ministry “asked for clarification”, arguing that “the integrity of the Croatian territory is undeniable and that local claims are not acceptable. Rhetorical meaning”.

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