San Jose scored twice as France scored twice

San Jose scored twice as France scored twice

Lor Sanchez scored twice in a 40-5 win over Ireland in Toulouse, with France winning by two goals to two.

Clara Joyce scored a bonus point three minutes before half – time when France’s conquering set the stage for the Les Blues.

Eve Higgins’ attempt for Ireland was denied in the first half and completed a long pass in the middle of the second half.

But in the third quarter, France dominated with a total of six attempts on the way to the maximum point before the trip to Scotland.

They took an early lead when Captain Gayle Hermet scored a Jackal penalty and Caroline Druin scored all three points.

Ireland thought they had hit back when Higgins came down after an inverted lineout, but caught the ball back in the build-up and knocked him out with Axelle Bertomeu.

France’s scrum was causing all sorts of problems for Ireland, such a scoundrel beating teenager Melisande Lawrence Aimer Concid in the corner. The transition of the draw is far from the sideline.

The scrum again served as the launching pad for the following points, and after a strong strike the druid was awarded a penalty.

The next attempt was to divert the Irish group, allowing Sanses to take the ball and dive to the right. Drew missed another goal from the touchline, but France were 16-0 up.

Starting on a strong rolling mole, Audrey Forlani came close to crossing and forced the ball before Joyce took the bonus point in the 37th minute after a superb performance by Serialle Bonnet in the build-up.

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At the end of the first half France continued, after another strong scramble, Sanchez scored his second attempt, making a fool of himself and intervening for his second victory. Druin scored 33-0.

Shortly afterwards, Ireland got a well-deserved first attempt, and Higgins ended up overcoming Gabriel Vernier, a long build-up that saw attackers and defenders pass through the stages.

France came from behind, spending a long season in Ireland 22, and finally benefited from a visitor’s error when Mail Philopon put Emily Bollard in sixth place.

Clarke went to the bin with the red to face Ballard Higgins dangerously, but France were left without comfortable winners.

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