Samuel Enmoma will face former Irish champion Craig O’Brien

Samuel Enmoma will face former Irish champion Craig O'Brien

Expected superweight weight Samuel Enmoma (4 wins before the 15-0 draw) will return to the opposition on Friday 1 October with Irish Craig O’Brien (KO’s 12-2 win). The 82-match room in the Alliance cloud in Milan hosts Opi from DAZN and broadcasts live on DAZN.

“We’ve been dealing with Samuel since his professional debut – explains Alessandro Churchill of OP since ’82 – now is the time to face the opposition that will allow him to equalize. Is Craig O’Brien: he won the national title and is listed at the European level, and we know that all Irishmen are valuable boxers. Never underestimate an Irish boxer! For Samuel, we are aiming for an international title, and victory over Craig O’Brien will be a step in the right direction.

Professional, 24-year-old Samuel Enmoma has been living in Nova since December 2016, but has built his professional career in Milan: he trained with Franco Cherchi at the Oppi Gym, fought seven times at the Princip Theater, once at the Superstudio Pie and twice at the Alliance Cloud. Craig O’Brien has boxed in Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium. On March 3, 2018 in Dublin, he overtook Jaybir to become the Irish Superwealth Champion.

Samuel, when did you know you were going to fight on October 1st?

“I’ve known this for about two months now. I train twice a day: I run and train in Nova in the morning.

Who are your spanning partners?

OP trains two professional boxers at the gym: superweight weightlifter Suljo Vrenosi (17-3) and middleweight Othmane Deol (1-1-1).

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Have you seen the videos of Craig O’Brien’s fights?

“Yes, I have to say he’s technically stronger than any boxer I’ve ever met. But I’m sure of my ways, I’m well prepared, so I’m sure I will win.”

Do you have a champion as a reference point?

“Floyd Mayweather, I liked him because of his defense: his consistent moves, dodges, he almost lost opponents. In boxing you have to know how to hit, but in my opinion it is important not to beat them.

In the highlight of the event on October 1, Daniel Scardina (19-0, 15-0) will face Jർrgen Doberstein (26-4-1) in ten rounds for the vacant WBO Intercontinental Super Middleweight title. For the same title, but in the lightweight division, former European champion Francesco Pattera (23-3, 8-3) will challenge Davis Bossiero (48-6-2 22 KOs). Italian welterweight champion Nicolas Esposito (14-05 5 KOs) defended the title for the first time against Emanuel Cavallucci (12-3-1 4 KOs). This challenge has been scheduled ten times. Finally, unbeaten Supergale weightlifters Vincenzo La Femina (9-0), Albanian Reshat Mati (10-0 with 7 KO) and British Sandy Ryan (1-0) will enter the ring.

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