Samsung teases Apple with 3 new ads for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with special emphasis on zoom (video)

Samsung teases Apple with 3 new ads for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with special emphasis on zoom (video)

We are in a relatively quiet period with the launch of technology products, gadgets, phones and tablets. The most important flagships have been launched and it is time for marketing departments to give serious time to viral ads and videos. Samsung Started this week 3 new ads clearly targeted against Apple.

He gets promoted in 3 promotional videos Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to the detriment of a IPhone 12 Pro Max. The campaign has a slogan “Upgrading your phone should not be a downgradeThis is not the first time Samsung has targeted Apple with paradoxical ads, but this time it hits where it knows it hurts. Zoom in. It’s not very subtle, an iPhone 12 Pro is set to zoom to the Max Moon, and with bad results, at the same time handles the S21 Ultra 5G better.

The second ad refers Details that the 108MP main camera can capture Is on S21 Ultra Against the iPhone 12 Pro Max in a recipe photo. Apple continues to stay out of the megapixel battle, preferring to use 12MP sensors (newer with sensor shifts) larger and larger than 64 or 108MP that combine pixels.

The third ad indicates the way it is valued Single take, Which creates an array of photos and videos ready to collect likes on social media, while Apple offers you photos, videos or just a live photo. This hint actually affects the lack of options in the camera interface of the iPhone, which until yesterday prompted you to enter the settings for a trivial video resolution setting.

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Apple justifies this lack of top-paying photo / video apps with a lot of features and a simpler camera UI option.

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