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Samsung smartphones make friends with Windows PC better than ever

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South Korea-based technology giant Samsung is the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, according to the latest figures. Recently launched plans for new functionality will help expand the user base and return to the forefront – Samsung promises to launch three apps that will improve the interface between phones and Windows 10 computers.

The first is called Quick Sharing, which actually debuted with the Galaxy S20 line of smartphones a year ago. It works similarly to the Apple Air Drop, allowing you to quickly share files between Galaxy devices via WiFi. Samsung is now working with Microsoft to create an application similar to the Windows 10 platform that allows you to easily and quickly transfer files between your computer, phone, and tablet.

The other two gadgets being developed for Windows 10 are Samsung Free and Samsung O. The first is an updated and improved version of the Samsung Daily, offering news, TV and games all in one place. At the time, Nigu Sam Maya Samsung O was similar to a clone of the app mentioned above, but unfortunately more details about its functionality have not yet been revealed – Samsung knows it is being tested.

We do not know when all three programs will be available in Windows 10, but we have no doubt they will be available later this year.

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