Samsung Introduces 6 Romantic Valentine Gifts Surprise for Donor and Recipient |

Samsung Introduces 6 Romantic Valentine Gifts Surprise for Donor and Recipient |

Valentine’s Day is almost here. For those who have not yet prepared their gifts
Tired of being ordinary like flowers or chocolate? Samsung introduces 6 new ideas for whether you and your boyfriend are adventurous like going home. Or create sweets at home that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Gifts for couples and travelers

The first item for a tourist couple. Who would like to spend their free time exploring new places, whether it’s a visit to a popular cafe, camping on the hill or sitting on the beach? Galaxy S21 Series 5G A smartphone with a great camera is a portable device ready to go anywhere anytime. You can use it to easily shoot stills or videos. For men, it is recommended to opt for the full-featured Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.The largest camera sensor of all time on a Samsung smartphone. It also has interesting features like Director’s view No need for editing with a variety of lenses to choose from during shooting is instantly usable including mode Vlogger view Content can be shot through the front and back camera at the same time to capture the impression of each shot

Another great romantic idea. Galaxy Buds Pro Add a gift-giving gimmick by creating a playlist of your favorite songs that you share. Ready to send as a gift with this pair of wireless headphones, your fans will be delighted that the Galaxy Buds Pro will be as good as Samsung’s best studio-grade sound quality. It’s great for the ability to easily connect to other devices in the Galaxy Ecosystem and is ideal for people who work from the workplace Active noise cancellation Ambient sound mode is a genius that switches without touching your voice. Helps you to focus more on work Finish work faster and spend more time together

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I don’t know if anyone has a forgotten lover or a slave or a dog or a cat? Recommended to buy. Galaxy Smart Tag For this new smart tracker that is small, lightweight and beautiful in design. It allows you to check the location of your belongings and pets anytime, anywhere from the Samsung smartphone in your hand, so attach them to your keys, purse or collar. The problem of finding things will not go away. Also, this item adds a chic chic. Home IoT devices from other locations include remote control functionality of on-off electrical equipment by upgrading the home to a smart home

Gifts for couples at home

Also for couples who define the fullness of the holiday to sleep at home and watch a new movie. Watch the series all at once on a streaming platform. Or spend time playing your favorite video games together Samsung QLED 8K Q950T A great TV that brings virtual images into your living room. With the 8K viewing experience, 8K AI technology can deliver high quality images. Integrates with the advanced adaptive picture that adjusts the image on the screen to match the lighting in your room. Or choose a TV lifestyle Frame TV frame style that matches the decor of any home Serif The TV design allows you to enjoy TV from all angles The Zero A TV that can rotate the screen for use in portrait and landscape mode. It allows both of you to engage in your favorite pastime like never before.

If you and your boyfriend want a screen that is very talented, trust it. Samsung Smart Monitor M7 The size comes in at 32 inches. How does it support Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution as this screen can be connected to a smartphone whether it is work or fun? This is an innovative show with all round skills. Allows you to work without PC with remote access feature that allows you to work without interruption. Or during the holidays, you can use this screen to access and enjoy your apps for fun without having to open your PC or notebook.

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Or if you are both new to Cao Frapan who enjoy cooking, we recommend Samsung Grill Microwave Oven A microwave oven capable of heating and grilling on an appliance. Help you cook a quiet, tasty and healthy meal with the Grill Fry function along with many cooking activities, or press the Home Dessert button to bake snacks like brisket and banana. It also has a beautiful design without the need for an oven. Easy to clean careless

Anyone who wants to buy gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day can shop today at the Samsung Experience Store, Participating Stores or Samsung Online Shop.

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