Samsung has stopped updating Android 11 for the Galaxy S10

Samsung has stopped updating Android 11 for the Galaxy S10

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series can no longer download and install the software update known as the One UI 3.0, so Reporting Sam Mobile website yesterday. Now, there are those who believe that the devices in this range and the Galaxy Note 10 series will not get a UI 3.0.

Samsung has not given any official notification on this matter, it is from roaming In the forum Reddit has been managing its flagship series since 2019. It is clear that the update contains a number of bugs that are troubling many users. In major bugs Reported Increased battery consumption over time and again may be noticed; Blurring in photos; Many malfunctions in alerts, including playing alert sounds that are different from what the user has chosen, playing sounds even for apps that have muted alerts, and problems with the edge lighting system for visual alerts when the screen is off; Stuttering animations; Jester issues; And more. Writing these lines can add to those horrible default fonts; Problems with the S10E’s fingerprint scanner; And issues with storage access permissions.

It is not clear what caused the update to stop two weeks after its worldwide release One week after his release from Israel, But a user City A few days after the release of the “Stable” update, it’s weird that Samsung released its beta version before it even finished testing, because another beta version of it has been released for testers. Others added that Samsung was aware of most of the bugs in the stopped update from the very beginning. Beta for S20 and Note 20 devices launched about half a year ago.

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It is not clear what the consequences of stopping the update will be Company One UI 3.0 update schedule, But as stated, there are those who think it can be stopped altogether, at least with some tools. It follows Reporting Coming from Korea. A Samsung employee wrote to a user on the Samsung Members app that the S10 and Note 10 series devices will soon receive another update to the One UI 3.1, which is based on Android 11 but includes more changes and enhancements. The delegate mentioned that the congratulations were due for the release of the update in Europe in the first half of March and in other parts of the world in the following weeks. So, in the further “due” update, there is reason to suspect that Samsung will “avoid” updating these devices to a UI 3.0.

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