Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet

Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet

“In recent years, the demand for tablets has been steadily increasing as more and more people are living in virtual space. Whether it is distance learning, communicating with friends, or enjoying entertainment content, users are looking for a tool that suits their modern lifestyle. We are pleased to offer people an affordable Galaxy Tab S7FE tablet that includes all the essential features that meet their daily needs, ”says Simonas Scopas, Head of Samsung Electronics Baltics in Lithuania.

Designed to reach the heights of productivity and creativity

The main mission of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is to offer customers a wide range of their favorite features. In response to these wishes of the company’s customers, the tablet is equipped with a 12.4-inch large diagonal screen, ideal for entertainment, work and creativity.

Now, when a large section of the public is working remotely, it is important that the computer allows you to do various tasks as quickly and easily as possible. The S-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE allows you to use the larger tablet screen as a notebook or notebook, making it more efficient than the traditional method. Samsung Notes allows you to convert handwritten text to typed text and automatically tag your notes. This makes it very easy to find the notes you need – whether they are handwritten or typed on a keyboard.

S-Pen will serve you when you get creative inspired. The high accuracy of the pen allows you to draw precise lines and draw as you do on paper. The six-month subscription to Clip Studio Paint will help unleash new talent, allowing you to try your hand at creating digital art. Those who want to create detailed and colorful notes can try out the Noteshelf app, which offers such an opportunity.

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Samsung / Galaxy Tab S7 FE

When you have to write a research paper or create a joint project with colleagues, you often have to open different windows and applications on your computer. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE makes everything as easy as possible. The multi-active window feature allows you to open up to three applications on a single screen, so you can browse the web, take notes, and watch one video at a time. At that point, the App Pair function allows you to save groups of the apps you use the most and then open them quickly.

For users who want to further enhance their productivity, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE has something to offer. The book cover keyboard and Samsung Dex user interface make the Galaxy Tab S7 FE a laptop that makes document editing and web browsing much easier. Thanks to the second screen feature, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE can also be used as an additional screen for your computer, allowing you to watch more videos and work on multiple open windows at the same time.

The new Galaxy Tab S7FE experience is enriched by seamless connectivity with other devices, from phones to headsets, and new capabilities in the Galaxy Ecosystem. By connecting to the same Samsung account on the tablet as you do on your phone, you can write and receive SMS messages 1, copy and paste text and images on various devices, and browse the web unlimitedly with the Samsung Internet Browser.

Samsung / Galaxy TABS7 FE 3

Samsung / Galaxy TABS7 FE 3

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Additionally, when you plug in your Galaxy Buds Pro headphones and watch a Galaxy Tab S7FE video but suddenly receive a call on your Galaxy smartphone, the Auto Switch feature will pause the video on your tablet and allow you to answer it. Galaxy Buds Pro. As soon as the conversation is over, the video on your tablet will automatically restart and play back in the headset.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE has a slim and beautiful metal body similar to the Tab S7 series, and is available in two colors – Mystical Black and Mystic Green. Despite the large screen and slim silhouette, the tablet has a large and durable battery that allows you to watch, work and create movies without having to put pressure on a nearby power source.

The new Galaxy Tab S7FE will be available for tablets from July 16 onwards from Samsung and other physical, physical and online stores.

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