Saminate writer Salvatore Liggeri’s next novel is set in Ireland

Saminate writer Salvatore Liggeri's next novel is set in Ireland
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Walking to Santiago? By the way? These were the last themes addressed by the Saminate writer, who is working on his third novel, in previous books. “The new book, which is currently being prepared, will be available throughout Italy and will reach a large-scale retailer for a publishing house I am already associated with. This is my chance to complete this adventure, as I always say, in small steps, but beautiful and powerful. “What is your book about?” The novel is about a twenty-year-old man named Ptolemy who lives in a remote village in the Apuvan Alps. Living with his grandfather, he has never traveled, often observing the mountains from his bedroom window and dreaming of great journeys and amazing adventures. Good day, the grandfather, who the world saw as distant as the young and strange Ptolemy, decides to entrust him with a special mission; To find a lost love. Fifty years ago, in fact, Nono Salis (when it was in Ireland, he fell in love with a girl with red hair, spots and green wood eyes. His favorite name) is a drawing made by his grandfather, and he illustrates what a girl’s house is like fifty years ago, and he finds himself advertising, ignoring an Irish hillside. “I have dreamed of goblins, fairies, castles and rock formations since childhood. In short, I have always dreamed of Ireland through music and literature. In 2019, I realized this dream. Long distance from Dublin to the Dingle Peninsula and the shores of the Rosslair. I would like to say about Ireland as anyone who loves Emerald Island can imagine: a magical place where everything is possible. This will be my novel! A long journey through Celtic and magical atmospheres, special encounters and many metaphors and proverbs will enrich the reader with experiences and fun events and above all lots of magic! “When will it be available?” By the fall of 2021. However, if anyone would like to stay updated, they can follow the Facebook page dedicated to the novel “The House of Mrs. Kathleen: The Novel in Ireland”.

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