Samhain: Banned For Children Under 12, This Weird Gerardmer-Winning Horror Movie Comes To Cinemas – Actus Cine

Samhain: Banned For Children Under 12, This Weird Gerardmer-Winning Horror Movie Comes To Cinemas - Actus Cine

The horror film “Samhain”, which won the Jury Prize at the last Gerardmer Festival, will be released in theaters today.

Kate Dolan’s Samhain, a Jury Prize winner at the last Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival, will be released in theaters this Wednesday.

Restricted to children under 12, the events of this feature film take place the week before Halloween. Char’s (Hazel Dupp) mother Angela (Caroline Bracken) has inexplicably disappeared. Only his abandoned car remains. When she returns home without an explanation, Char and her grandmother realize something is wrong.

She may look the same and sound the same, but Angela’s demeanor is creepier, as if she’s been replaced by an evil force. When Halloween arrives, a night steeped in ancient myths and legends, Char realizes that he is the only one who can save her, even if it means losing her forever.

The picture is worn by Hazel Dupe. The young actress from Dublin was noted in 2018 for her portrayal of Frances in Float Like a Butterfly, which won the FIPRESI prize at the Toronto Film Festival. The latter also received the Irish Screen America Rising Star Award for her performance in Carmel Winters.

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Hazel dope

His mother is played by Caroline Bracken in the feature film. The drama actress has previously appeared in TV series (The Line of Duty, Dublin Murders) and films such as A Date for Mad Mary, The Lodgers and Fanach, but this is her first time playing the lead in a feature film.

A highlight film Strong women

Irish director Kate Dolan wanted to make “A” for her first feature filmA cool coming-of-age movie while tapping into dark Irish folklore*” She grew up.

While paying tribute to the women around her, she also drew on her own family’s experience of dealing with mental illness: “Irish women have been abused throughout Irish history and I wanted to make a film about strong women from different backgrounds and different experiences. I was raised by many generations of strong women, which is something you don’t see enough of in movies.

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Caroline Bracken

What does Samhain mean?

Samhain, or Samhain, is a festival of Celtic origin that celebrates the transition from summer to dark winter. It started at dusk on October 31 and lasted for three to six days. It was celebrated in ancient Celtic communities in Europe, including Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Samhain is the forerunner of the modern day Halloween celebrations. Samhain is also the Irish word for the month of November.

Samhain, the origin of Halloween, comes out of our dark rooms this Wednesday.

*Words taken from the film’s press kit

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