“Same vaccine, but you can not log in”: yellow of movements appears

"Same vaccine, but you can not log in": yellow of movements appears

From San Marino you can enter Italy without problems, and thanks to the massive vaccination with the Russian Sputnik vaccine, the same fate is not reserved for those who come Russia: Those taking a flight from Moscow, St. Petersburg or other places in the infinite Russian region are required to show a certificate of negative molecular kylase performed within the last 48 hours, but in any case, 10 days of reliable isolation.

Russian “secret”

This oddity was pointed out by a reader of Giornale who lives in Russia: if he wants to return to Italy, unlike what happens in the microstate of the Italian region, he can only do so with great difficulty. We recorded what was reported “Safe travel“, The web portal of the Crisis Unit established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Our reader is right, and we explain why: the current Italian legislation regulating foreign immigration is valid from May 16 to July 31, and identifies five countries whose different measures apply.Cast “a“It simply came to our notice then San Marino And Vatican CityCurrently, there are no travel restrictions“This means that people in San Marino can travel freely in Italy without having to show a certificate or Kyle’s. On the other hand,” B “is on the list.”With the order adopted in accordance with Article 49, paragraph 2 of the Prime Minister’s Order of March 2, 2021, the states and regions with the lowest epidemiological risk mentioned in Schedule C will be identified. Currently, no state is included in this list“.

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Why did Russia not appear?

Let’s see in which countriesTable “c“This secret is further strengthened: 35 countries on the European continent, practically almost all, but Russia is not there: as far as we know, the epidemic situation in the Russian territory is under control, with an average of 10,000 cases per day, more or less than in Italy. Included in the list.Movements are permissible without the need for inspiration“.The only thing you need to have available is a negative molecular or antigenic kylase performed within the previous 48 hours. If you are unable to present this certificate, you will only be subject to 10 days of faithful isolation. where is it? Going to seeTable “d“We read people from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Singapore, the United States and Thailand.”Under Italian law, travel to / from these countries is permitted without the need for an incentive (subject to any restrictions imposed locally in Italy)“.

Unequal Judgment: Possible Causes

All that is leftCast “e“, Where”The rest of the world, i.e. all states and territories are not explicitly mentioned in other listsTherefore, Russia is included in this list with the most restrictions. “Travel to different parts of the world is permitted only in the presence of Accurate Reasons, including: reasons for work, health or study, mere emergency, return to someone’s home or residence. Therefore, travel for tourism is not allowed“. Our reader, Russian citizens and Italians living in Russia must show not only a proven reason, but also a negative test conducted within the previous 72 hours in case of departure.”Undergo reliable isolation and health monitoring under any circumstances“.

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Why this inequality Treatment Is the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, used in San Marino also used in Russia (obviously)? Perhaps, quite simply, because San Marino is in Italy, the government does not consider the population to be those who need a three-hour flight to reach our country; Or because San Marino is a small community, already secured with the vaccine, so start a “vaccination tourism” for foreigners (not Italians) that includes a hotel + vaccine package. In any case, ours is only speculation: if the Italian Ministry does not justify the choice to exclude Russia from safe countries, the mystery will deepen.

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