Sambelli asks PGE to investigate and cancel the registration of PT-Prisma

Sambelli asks PGE to investigate and cancel the registration of PT-Prisma

Federal Deputy Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) on Wednesday (20) requested the Electoral Attorney General (PGE) to investigate whether the Workers’ Party (PT) had adopted illegal financial sources of foreign origin for the benefit of former President Lewis. InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva. In the document, the caption needs to be canceled.

This week, the Spanish website Occadiorio condemned the acceptance of party funds. According to the publication, the former head of the Venezuelan Secret Service, General Hugo Armando Carvajal, sent a seven-page letter to Judge Manuel Garcia-Castellin, “El Polo” Carvajal, in which he reports Left Party Financing Scheme in Latin America and Europe Governments of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.

Beneficiaries of the scheme include former Brazilian President Lula; Noster Kirchner, in Argentina; Ivo Morales in Bolivia; Fernando Lugo, in Paraguay; Ollanta Humala, Peru; Celaya in Honduras; Gustavo Petro, in Colombia; Five Star Movement, in Italy; And the Podimos Party in Spain.

According to Zambelli, the complaint represents “serious implications for national sovereignty” and, if confirmed, precludes the revocation of the law, Article 9 of Article 9,096 / 1995 – which determines the civil registration and the law of the party “whether or not to accept financial resources of a foreign origin;

PT revealed himself in a post:

“Ms Carla Zambelli’s file for deputy electoral attorney general contains general, baseless, false and defamatory allegations.

The Workers’ Party will take appropriate legal action against Ms. Carla Zambelli for defamation allegations. In addition, appropriate action will be taken against anyone who spreads false news in the media against the party and its leaders.

Allegations without evidence were made at the request of Jair Bolsonaro and his allies, both inside and outside Brazil, trying to divert attention from the tragedy his government had caused in the country, and the Covid CPI denounced famine, poverty, unemployment and crime. The government of Bolzoni is illegal and criminal. “

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