Sam Hughes (Jamie) defends his partner Keitrona Balfe (Claire) in the face of fan criticism

Sam Hughes (Jamie) defends his partner Keitrona Balfe (Claire) in the face of fan criticism

The absence of Kaitriona Balfe during the preview of Season 6Outlander Fans are outraged by the criticism of the Irish actress on social media. Her partner, Sam Hugh, had to speak up to defend her.

During Season 6Outlander It will air on Netflix in a week, and the lead actress, Kitriona Balfe, has been caught in the middle of a controversy. Reason ? In the preview of Season 6 in London on February 24, fans criticized the absence of the Irish actress, along with her partner Sam Hughes and other actors in the series. A lack of resistance to the one who plays Claire Fraser and does not affect the second. “Kate is in America, She had a baby Now, with everything going on in the world, we’re glad she was a part of this event. “, Her features justified the lender to her husband Jamie Fraser. In his opinion, although he felt the absence of Caitriona in the evenings with whom he had a beautiful friendship, the rest of the cast paid more than compensation.

Caitriona Balfe “Ask for a little understanding” To the fans ofOutlander

Keitriona Balfey, who failed to reach the British red carpet, had to return footageOutlander Because of her pregnancy, she appeared on her own red carpet in Los Angeles, where she now lives with her husband Tony McGill and their six-month-old son. “To all those who say it’s a shame that I’m not here directly, I understand that you are disappointed, but I also demand your understanding as a new mom.”Kitriona Balfe tweeted. “I’m trying to do what I can. It’s a big change that I can not travel around the world like before, but we are adapting ….”She still justifies the man who condemned the fan attack on his couple.

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Season 6 d‘Outlander Launches March 7 on Netflix

The first episode of Netflix Season 6 will be unveiledOutlander Monday, March 7. Kaitriona Balfe and Sam Hugh find their partners Sophie Schkeleton (Brianna Randall), Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield), John Bell (Ian Fraser Murray) and new cast: Mark Louss-Crust-Joe (Alan Christie), Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie). Due to the pandemic, the sixth season was shortened to eight episodes.

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