Salmonella in Kinder Products: Ferrero’s Search Six Searches in Belgium and Luxembourg

Salmonella in Kinder Products: Ferrero's Search Six Searches in Belgium and Luxembourg

Several searches were conducted in Belgium on Wednesday, June 8, as part of an investigation into salmonella poisoning related to Kinder products.

The Belgian Justice’s investigation into the intoxication of candy Ferrero’s giant salmonella led to six searches in Belgium and Luxembourg on Wednesday, announcing Arlon’s (south) parquet floor.

One of these police raids targeted the Ferrero factory in Arlon, southern Belgium, where corruption began that led to the withdrawal of thousands of tons of kinder products. The factory, which has been closed since April 8 following a decision by health officials, has not yet resumed production. The entire Kinder range (Kinder Surprise, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi 100g, Kinder Skoko-Bones) produced there was recalled in April.

In addition to Arlon, two other searches are being conducted in Brussels and three in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Italy, said Ange-Sophie Gilmot, a spokeswoman for the Belgian Provincial Prosecutor’s Office. Of Luxembourg. “Documents and computer equipment” were seized, but no arrests were made, Ann-Sophie Gilmot added. No one has been charged at this stage.


The investigation, led by an investigative judge from Arlon, is set to begin on April 19 to determine who is responsible for this pollution, with possible shortcomings in terms of communication with health authorities. It targets suspicions of failure to comply with “finding obligations in the food chain”, “violation of legal provisions regarding food safety and hygiene”, “uncontrolled physical harm”, and “failure to assist at-risk person”. Said.

Ferrero suspects the group For delay in notifying the authorities and recalling products, Salmonella was discovered on December 15 at its facility in Arlon. According to the multinational, the pollution comes from a filter located in a dairy butter tank.

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150 cases of salmonellosis were found in Europe

By mid-April, more than 150 cases of salmonellosis had been reported in nine European countries, including France, mainly among children under 10 years of age. Salmonellosis sometimes causes symptoms such as acute gastroenteritis: diarrhea and abdominal pain, mild fever and even vomiting. No deaths were reported.

The investigation is mainly aimed at SA Ferrero Ardennes, who runs the Arlon plant. The Grand Duchy’s subsidiaries were also searched on Tuesday by Ferrero International SA, Ferrero Trading Lux SA and Ferrero Management Services Luxembourg, the prosecution said.

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