Salman Rushdie was protected by the IRA during his visit to Ireland

Salman Rushdie was protected by the IRA during his visit to Ireland

Salman Rushdie, Author Satanic phrases The IRA saidAn Irish republican paramilitary group granted him a “free pass” because it respected his opposition to the censorship practiced by Sinn Féin at the time.

The latter, under the influence of a fatwa against him, is now hospitalized following the attack he suffered in the United States last week, ” Political trip to Dublin In the 1990s, he met President Mary Robinson with his third wife, Elizabeth West. During this trip, he was approached by the IRA after giving a speech at the Let in the Light Free Speech Colloquium at Trinity College.

Salman says: “Then during the speakers’ aperitif, a stout little woman came up and said because I objected to the section 31 ordinance, Sinn Féin was banned from Irish television. In this way you have avoided any risk to yourself as far as we are concerned.

When asked by Salman “Then who are we? »He says the woman looked him in the eye and said: You know very well who we are. »

Salman added. After receiving this pass from the IRA I was taken to the Late Late Show Inn Gay Byrne, since Gay said he had read and liked The Satanic Verses, everyone in Ireland decided the book and its author must be good. »

Salman Rushdie has suffered nerve damage, a damaged liver and is at risk of losing an eye after being stabbed on stage by an assailant while sitting behind him ahead of a conference on Friday.

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