Sally Rooney madness shakes the British Isles

Sally Rooney madness shakes the British Isles

Author of Ordinary people, The bestseller has sold over three million copies and is releasing its third novel on Tuesday, September 7, at the age of 30. Across the channel, fans and bookstores are upset.

In the Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London, the Waterstones Library is spread over seven floors. “Paradise for Bibliophiles is the Largest Bookstore in Europe”, SlideIrish Independent. On Monday evening, September 6, it will transform into the center of the universe. At least the literature.

Sally Rooney, Irish writer “The most popular and most popular of its generation”, Read excerpts from his latest novel, Beautiful world, where are you? (Laughing world, where are you? “Tickets sold out like hot cakes,” Related to everyday life in Dublin. In this case, the audience can get a copy of the book twelve hours before the ators official publication date. “, September 7. “To Fulfill the Needs That Delusion Promises”, Fifty bookstores across the United Kingdom plan to open their doors on Tuesday morning.

Evidence of illegal sale on the Internet

“His publishing house, Faber & Faber, seems to be adopting marketing techniques that are generally reserved for the release of new U2 albums – while records are still being purchased – the latest James Bond”, UnderlinesIrish Independent. Excitement for the 30-year-old author’s third book “Remembering the hysteria observed during the publication of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter”, Plenty in London Weekly Viewer. Additional illustration: According to British newspapers, evidence of the novel sold for hundreds of dollars (illegally) on eBay this week.

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How can you believe that Sally Rooney was still a stranger four years ago? ” Acting



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